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Developed by Industry Experts

Each app MeetingFiles offers has been developed over several years by audio/visual professionals in partnership with meeting and organization managers. The applications are field tested and have proven their worth during demanding events and within large organizations and associations.

We continually strive to improve each application so that they stay relevant and useful to every one involved in your association meeting or event.

MeetingFiles is a DaJe Inc. company based in Colorado. With 15 years of experience in custom and industry specific software development DaJe Inc. is a trusted partner throughout the US.

Our small team is dedicated to insuring our clients get the service and attention they need and that our software runs perfectly at their event. When it comes to your association or organizations video archives we take care to catalog them in a logical, easy to use manner so that your membership finds it a pleasure to view.

MeetingFiles At a Glance


All presentations for the event managed in one place and synchronized with everyone involved.

Scheduled by room so that coordinators, A/V, and presenters can easily see what happens where and when. Presenters can update their presentation file from the plane, the hotel, or the ready room and the technicians will have the most current copy. It's all in SYNC!


When the meeting is over our ARK system is ready to catalog and beautifully present the recordings to your membership. Video editing, detailed cataloging, web streaming, and optional pay to view are all part of the ARK system. Did we mention it's full service! No DIY here, we do the work for you.


E-Posters, video, and other presentation formats can be streamed from our VIEW platform at your event. Originally developed as an E-Poster platform only we have evolved the system to handle all files types for your attendees to enjoy on their device or yours.


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Presentation Schedule & File Management Made Easy

Developed for the fast-paced scientific meeting, SYNC is an application that keeps the event schedule and presentation files synchronized with everyone involved.

Presenters have an easy-to-use tool to manage all of their presentation files.

Event managers and oversight boards can quickly view presenter schedules per room, presentation files and more.

The A/V team is always in SYNC. With the web app or the desktop application they can have the most current presentation file and up to date schedule at their fingertips.


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Meeting & Webinar Recordings for Your Membership

Full service content catalog management for your meeting recordings, webinars, posters and more.

Our expert staff organizes your meeting content to match your program. We catalog your webinars and any other content you have as well.

Everything is in an easy to view system for your memberships enjoyment.

Free to view, paywall, payment processing, and log-in required viewing options available.

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E-Posters, Videos, Presentations

We have so many options to present content on site!

E-posters on personal device accesible through linking or QR code signs. On-site E-poster application with dedicated screen and interactive hardware for a fully digital experience that saves space and money.

Video and PDF presentations can be integrated into the live VIEW system as well.

Custom landing and event pages with search, sort and VIEW!


  • SYNC is an event schedule and presentation management system. Whether you have 10 presenters in one general session or 150 presenters across 30 breakouts SYNC makes it a breeze to keep everyone involved from meeting planners to A/V to the presenters themselves, well... In SYNC.

  • ARK is a full service video, pdf, and presentation content archive system for your membership. We build your catalogs of webinars, event recordings, e-posters, or anything else you want to store and share with your membership. No need for you to figure out how to do it, we take care of it for you.

  • VIEW is a customizable system for content access during live events. This includes e-posters, PDF and Video presentations, on-demand recordings or any other content you want to be available to attendees. We create custom log-in, landing and viewing pages that match your events design. The VIEW system can also be provided on-site with a custom hardware interface allowing attendees to view E-Posters and other content on large monitors that allow them to browse, search and view. This is a space-saving and budget friendly alternative to traditional paper posters.

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MeetingFiles is a DaJe Inc. Company based in Colorado


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